Welcome Home

Thats right, my true identity is an Illustrator and Art Educator, but this is my cozy place on the web. Enjoy !

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pizza !

Sunday Mornings

Woke up super early to a wicked storm. Decided then that it was going to be a perfectly simple day. Im now watching one of my favorite movies. Lost In Translation, its fitting i think. "rlip my stockings !!!"

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Land of Liv and Jason.

So Today was a very interesting day. On a personal note it started out in an absolutely horrific UTI. So by six it pretty much subsided, after a stressful doctor visit and alot of cranberry supplements. Then my good friends said "why don't you come along with us to the land of Liv and Jason", and we had a delicious dinner which they cooked, and i happily ate. 

Today I had dinner with four very nice people, you met two of them before in another post. but the other two you have not met. They are Liv and Jason. They have nifty inside plants. 

Im Sitting In an Office. WHY !?

Good Morning !
Welcome to Friday morning !
I know everyone seems to really dig fridays but honestly, its the one thing standing inbetween me and Saturday morning.

I got these pictures off of Flicker there not mine.
But they express somethings i would like at this moment.
In that order.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Betwixed Inbetween


I just love this artist. He makes some very candy sweet images that just capture the heart parts.
Sometimes i'd like all of real life to be made from felt and soft scenery. Dry negative surroundings lately have caused me to hide in my room, where its safe.
Anyway i posted this image to express a bit of longing. I miss home a bit, but also i think i'm in longing for some kindred spirits.
I guess i'm slightly lonely.
One can not survive on blogs and tea alone.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who Loves Being Cozy ?

Toulouse - Lautrec . Gets it. 

This picture reminds me of when i was a lot younger. I would get all snuggled in my bed, only to feel little feet and fingers tickling and poking me. I'd turn around and my little brother would be smiling at me wanting to snuggle too. : ) 

Feel It.


This is one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite bands. I'd love to share it with you because when i feel sad this picks me up :D

Welcome Spring Time !

I've done some serious spring cleaning this year, in a lot of different ways.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Short Love Letter For All Of You !

Hello Sunshines !

The end of this semester is going to be CrAzY ! To say the least, and i like having a plan.
I'll share some with you now.
Week One: Complete 5 of the 25 5x5's that i must do. The Title of those is going to be :First Love is Sweet , this project will be mixed media, collage ! Which one of my dearest Allie of Lightness and wonder has turned me onto.
Go to the Sufi Meditation class being held because i am going to need some serious relaxation technics for these next two months
Complete Class assignments: including: personal identity project, illustration layout and painting one more city scape.
And the weekend will be spent filling this space with sweetness and also finishing i am sure an illustration and five more panals of my 5x5's entitled Comfortable Cozy.
Should be fun, i will post some preliminary watercolors of ideas in an hour or two.

kisses -

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Allie and I

I have been staying with Allie at her parents house this spring vacation ! it was alot of fun, it'll be sad to go but i am excited for the end of the end of this semester.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Going To The City Going To Meet Alot Of People !

The Fine Art Extravaganza ... Allie and i take a closer look at being Avant Garde.

St. Peters Church !

For a Catholic good time.

Happy Special Art-ness

Allie and I have been spending our down time watching french films and water color collage-a-fying our sketchbooks its been more then pleasant !