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Thats right, my true identity is an Illustrator and Art Educator, but this is my cozy place on the web. Enjoy !

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meet Rosco !

Well.yeeeeeaaaaah, this happened.


and lately i just speak baby lovey wuby cutey wooopey .... you get it. its pathetic.
ok, so the low down is: Rosco is a happy Silkychon he loves,playing,sniffing and his poo bear.
he's favorite color i think is yellow and for fun he likes to pee on palm trees.
i got him two days ago and there will probably be quite a bit of posts about him !
(drawings too lol )

Monday, June 28, 2010

Delicious Beans.

This fantastically tasty looking confection is a Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Burger.
and it my friends is good all by itself. But i am not satisfied with that.
I add pesto (pre-made), Munster cheese and veggies.

yea. It is some seriously delightful bits for your mouth hole.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Wes Anderson, You Glorious Cuss

Its been a bit since i let everyone in the universe know how much i cuss'in love the Anderson posse, also i hate the word posse - anyway do go now and have your self a marathon its all delightful.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cozy Moments with Corrin.

Wow its been a busy day. Hasn't it ? Settle in with me and have some tea will you ? I suggest this Celestial Seasonings Green Tea. Its delicious, especially with some fresh lemon balm leaves, from my garden of herbal delights.
Sorry, i feel like i have inundated you kittens with way to much stuff and things. I have struck a bit of a groove here in my new place. I have been gardening and cooking and cleaning ! Today was great though, it was Mrs. Pats birthday in the office we all narrowly avoided being poisoned by some lemon cake. (you don't know Mrs. Pat do you ?) never mind.
Monty, has been a naughty boy, Monty is my frog - rather he is my gardens frog or my garden is his, i don't know the logistics really, but i returned from a weekend at the parents to find that my Brazilian Petunia was stone dead. Two days later, while chatting with my betrothed we discovered an unlikely eves dropper.
poking his noble brow above the decimated wreak of my Petunia was Monty.
Apparently, he desired a better abode. Well i hope he is cozy. I couldn't even be mad. I WAS THRILLED ! i hope he stays.

Lets have a conversation about sculpture.

I think these are fantastically cool. If you go to this nice lady's blog you can find all the artists websites http://a-faerietale-of-inspiration.blogspot.com/
It can be found under "Art Dolls". i would very much like to try one, i think all three of these are done in different forms of clay or porcline i am not very wise on the matter. So far i read that one woman uses Air Dry Clay, which i bought today the brand is Prang i believe. I'll inform you in the highest detail on how it all goes down on my other blog corrinlart.blogspot.com
do, visit. ALSO hi, if your a first time visitor and have a blog of your own please go to the upper left hand side of this page and click follow, i like to roam about on the interwebs for fun blogs and i'd love to read up on all of yours : )
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Heads Up ! and also a heart warming story.

I have a few bits in the works, so I'd like to give you the HEADS UP. Maybe you have recently visited my blog and are wondering "hmm why suddenly are there adds for stuff and things all around the place."
Well I'll tell you:
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this girl then went to go buy some shoes and realized that art school had taken all of her money. so in addition to getting a full time job and creating lots of things to sell and make the walls of the universe a better place, she still needs more money.
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