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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heads Up ! and also a heart warming story.

I have a few bits in the works, so I'd like to give you the HEADS UP. Maybe you have recently visited my blog and are wondering "hmm why suddenly are there adds for stuff and things all around the place."
Well I'll tell you:
once upon a time there was a girl who decided to go to art school, she was very happy to do art all day.
this girl then went to go buy some shoes and realized that art school had taken all of her money. so in addition to getting a full time job and creating lots of things to sell and make the walls of the universe a better place, she still needs more money.
Then google said "let there be ADSENSE"
and everyone who visited the girls cozy place on the web and haphazardly clicked an ad, actually helped the girl because she earned money from every click.

SO PLEASE CLICK THE ADS. you don't even have to buy anything. you can click it then close the window. but do click it, because everytime you do a tiny little chunk of 100,000 dollars gets smaller and so does all the debt I've acquired.

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