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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cozy Moments with Corrin.

Wow its been a busy day. Hasn't it ? Settle in with me and have some tea will you ? I suggest this Celestial Seasonings Green Tea. Its delicious, especially with some fresh lemon balm leaves, from my garden of herbal delights.
Sorry, i feel like i have inundated you kittens with way to much stuff and things. I have struck a bit of a groove here in my new place. I have been gardening and cooking and cleaning ! Today was great though, it was Mrs. Pats birthday in the office we all narrowly avoided being poisoned by some lemon cake. (you don't know Mrs. Pat do you ?) never mind.
Monty, has been a naughty boy, Monty is my frog - rather he is my gardens frog or my garden is his, i don't know the logistics really, but i returned from a weekend at the parents to find that my Brazilian Petunia was stone dead. Two days later, while chatting with my betrothed we discovered an unlikely eves dropper.
poking his noble brow above the decimated wreak of my Petunia was Monty.
Apparently, he desired a better abode. Well i hope he is cozy. I couldn't even be mad. I WAS THRILLED ! i hope he stays.

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