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Monday, July 5, 2010

RAIN = TEA & PUPPIES *always*


The 5th of july never gets talked about enough, so i'll chat a bit about mine. Today was awesome. good day indeed, actually i had a great weekend in general - aside from the thousands of gallons of rain. Anyway i am drinking tea, i like these two tea's which i have shown. The Lemon ginger revive tea is totally perfect with cinnamon (as a suggestion) and everything is better with some orange blossom local raw honey.
I spent the weekend away from my new baby which made me sad, but i spent it on an Island. Ussepa Island to be specific. I have some pictures I'll post them later. It was *sofun*


  1. Rosco is looking rather dashing.

    Glad you got away - and to an island, no less.

    It's always a good day for tea - but especially when it's raining. Cheers!