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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Tid Bits.

Tell me Rosco isn't the cutest lil' fuzzy muzzy in da whole wide world... ok. sorry.
anyway i have been cleaning cleaning cleaning this week. My fuzzy fella brought some fleas with him from somewhere so i went crazy washing all the blankets scrubbing all the couches and i have been sweeping and vac-ing 20 mule borax off of every square inch of my house. So now its clean ! And apparently a few drops of blue dawn mixed with my puppies regular shampoo KILLS THEM ALL.The fleas i mean. So victory was mine !
Well I have been listening to a band called "Trampled by Turtles and Runaway Planet" I highly recommend you look it up, both bands are huge mood lifters !

oh,recently it was my birthday, i had so many people pop up unexpectedly and wish me happy birthday or even give me gifts! that i didn't expect, and it meant so much. When i went home my mom threw me a really nice party, with an Ice cream Sandwich Cake ! I know what your thinking, everything that is awesome, and you realize that ice cream sandwich cake isn't there ... and you cant figure out why. Don't worry,I'll get the recipe and post it.
Happy Sunday !

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