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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christ's Grace.

For three years I have worked for a Catholic elementary school in Tampa. It has had its ups and downs, the same with beginning any new job, or retaining one. sometimes I felt like I didn't want this place with screaming kids, office politics or its constant need for me to be 1000 other things other then what I signed on to be. Even right up until this Christmas I was tired and burnt out, I felt like I couldn't see any positives, I felt like I was failing. spending the days before Christmas with my neighbor who has become a cherished friend we went and decorated my apartment, it wasn't just with a tree but with all manner of lights and garland, it was beautiful, I felt like painting again. I felt inspired.

Returning after that very therapeutic vacation to my job breathed new life into me. I was renewed spiritually making new friends with a girl I worked with and she helped me to meet god again in a new way, I separated myself from negativity whom at first I thought was a good influence. as a result I became close to my students, realizing again why I loved them so much. I felt a new respect for the people who have worked here for more then 20 years and I began to really see Christ in our principle.

When the Jewish people thought of their savior they saw a giant of a person wielding a sword, but instead they received a gentle child. So we here have a small and seemingly soft spoken nun from Nigeria, who on a constant basis deals with prejudice and tyranny from the ruling powers with eyes turned to God and words filled with powerful grace.

  It is easy ignore what you might be called to do. often its masked by selfish desires or failed ambitious endeavors but its not shameful, and soon there will be a new beginning and a furthering of this calling for me and ill explain more when I have solidified some of the plan. truly this is A Cozy Love. Not just a soft couch or a good book, but it is sometimes a tumbler of half consumed coffee, hands smeared in paint and smiling children giving me heart felt hugs. It is a cross at times, but I know that by giving my hands to be nailed down for this schools sake, our little safe place in this city will be safe. This is in spite of some short sighted and business sick self righteous men.
We have dug our heels in, and we will not be torn down.


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)

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