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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Love Long Lived

This is a picture of my Aunt and Uncle, they have been married for 60 yrs. 
In all the accomplishments you can achieve in this life there is nothing worth more then love. 
Nothing you strive for compares to the reward of unwavering trust. 
In the end you might flippantly look at love, Because you have never known it in its entirety.
What greater gift is there then hugging someone thats as familiar to you as your own skin. 
and what is more precious then giving over the fragile parts, the parts that need help - to someone you believe in, so much its like having self confidence. 
Catholics, (which i am) believe that when you get married you become one person. No longer a strange small floating lonely vessel. 
rather a great light tower - casting a warm glow for others. 
Nothing to me could be greater ...
I just have to get this vessel to a safe harbor. 

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