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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What A Beautiful Place...

 There are lots happening here in my head of dreams.
 Lists of what needs to be done, people who i should meet. 
Terrors I've given over and the taking of silence here in my familiar glass  case. 
Its time for joy, and the sun is shining about, if i had an aeroplane  i'd  go, fly to where it sometimes snows in exchange for some warmer clothes. 
Start that cozy place on a high hill, where we all just go. 
There is happiness there and no one would care about the shoes i wear, or the way my hair lays. 
the clouds would open up and rain down and i'd have great love and with our intelligents bought and paid. 
We'd live a life of creation and good art. 
Thats what fuels a soul and i'm not going to kill mine off with Alcohol and other ish. 
I don't mean to intrude, but this is all just an interlude.
because when i'm ready to get a real additude i'll be farther then the eye can see.
and i cant really wait for a life without negativity. 
So i'll see you at the cozy place where it sometimes snows.
In a set of warmer clothes. 

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