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Monday, November 23, 2009

Get Some Owl Love with a Donation !

What a weekend ! I have been slammed with work from school and other preoccupations i am quite sorry ! Here is what is new: trying to apply for internships,trying to complete this semester of illustration with a passing grade, saving some money so i can go to Boston i hope, i hope and spending some quality time with my J.P. and my sketchbook ! All is decidedly well and dandy. (if you'd like to donate you can send your donation to:

Corrin LoCascio
Ringling College
1130 Greensboro ln.
Sarasota Fl. 34234

To thank you for your donation i will include a very cute print of Harold the Owl. Donations start at 5 dollars. Anything exceeding that will include something special ! So do your part this giving season, help a student out and get some cozy art to give to someone sweet or keep it for yourself !

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