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Monday, November 2, 2009

I set a course for delightful, i got utterly breath taking.

~and now for something totally different !

Hello, its been a ho-hum monday, not to much a-going on. Had a pleasent weekend home, and saw the family.
When i come back to college from visiting home i always leave with some inspiration, but there is a need for some explination. I am all about people with purpose, and eveytime i come home my mom has done something fantastic to the house, could be new flowers in the garden to totally redoing the bathroom -
but aside from all that wonder, i was super pleased to discover that my cousin LuAnn set up an avery in her back porch ! This is thrilling because she always had birds and she is really talented with that. Anyway i think i was proud in a way because its something she really loves and she went and built this awesome avery for these birds.
LuAnn and Anthony are really sweet people and they are i suppose fullfilling what it is that makes them happy, and that bodes well for them in a really great way in my opinion because these small things gives us purpose. purpose is healthy.

You can see more of these totally different pictures at this totally rad blog http://lobsterandswan.blogspot.com/

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