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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Book Of Eli

I've been doing some thinking. I don't really express what is in my sketchbooks in words very much. I am not really good at writing. I am good at drawing. I am good at collecting, and when people ask me from bottom of there hearts my advise, i know what to say. I collectively don't think about myself or what i am meant to do. I guess it takes a little courage to be anything at all. It takes courage to move from a job that isn't worth you. It takes courage to raise a family, and teach them, and have the faith in them that they will have the courage to do the same. In there own way.
In the scheme we all have a purpose, wether you think your own is great or small is up to you. relatively its probably small but adds up.
but i just have one question, for you reader. For you Family ? For you friend ? For you Lover ? Are you really, when it comes down to it, fulfilling your purpose. Are you really serving for others more then you serve yourself... could you do more for your family ?Could you plant something, maybe you could feel more open towards someone who's views something different. maybe it would help.
or maybe you have people who are suffering, not necessarily poor, or sick. They are ill though, of mind or of constitution. How do you lovingly promote healthy change in them.

maybe your purpose is to set right some years of confusion, you've lived so close to it for sometime.

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